Thursday, November 03, 2005

I love you Mommy

Tonight my two year old son said "I love you Mommy" as plain as day on his way in to bed. It is the first time that he has said it so clearly. You don't know how much it meant to hear him say that to me. I will try to remember this instance when he is a teenager and I feel like disowning him.

I keep thinking back to when he was a baby, a time I can clearly remember as I hear my neighbor's baby crying inconsolably just like mine did. I felt like he would never stop, never sleep, never make it past the age of 2 months without me completely losing it. My days and nights consisted of rocking, swaying, nursing, burping and starting all over again. I thought the child would seriously never fall asleep. I slept at the same times as him, day or night, because I never knew when I would get to sleep next. I didn't get anything done except for what I had to do to keep me and him alive. Luckily for me he was my first baby and I have a saint for a husband. He picked up so much of the slack I let trail along behind me.

I sometimes wonder how my neighbor keeps going, and then I look over at my two year old as he is asleep now like a little angel. I remember looking at him like that when he was a baby and he would finally fall asleep. I hear those words "I love you Mommy" and I know he truly means it with his whole little toddler heart. You just take it one day at a time and tell yourself "this won't last forever." The crying, the sleepless nights, the sweet, loving whisperings of a toddler will be gone all too soon (or maybe not soon enough). So I try to cherish even the annoying things because they are all part of the ever-morphing package that is my child. My prayers and thoughts are with you Nai.


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