Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What Will Your Legacy Be?

So my husband started a blog a few months ago and I was thinking, "What the heck is a blog?" Now I have my own and this is my first post. I decided to start this blog because I feel there is a real need for women out there to share their lives, their struggles, their sorrows, their triumphs. I know I need that. So here we are.

You might be wondering about the name of this blog. I thought and thought about what I should name a blog about women leaving a legacy and of course I could not name it after anyone else but Felicitas. Here is an excerpt from Tertullian about her short but amazing life:
But respecting Felicitas (for to her also the Lord's favour approached in the same way), when she had already gone eight months with child (for she had been pregnant when she was apprehended), as the day of the exhibition was drawing near, she was in great grief lest on account of her pregnancy she should be delayed (because pregnant women are not allowed to be publicly punished) and lest she should shed her sacred and guiltless blood among some who had been wicked subsequently. Moreover, also, her fellow-martyrs were painfully saddened lest they should leave so excellent a friend, and as it were companion, alone in the path of the same hope. Therefore, joining together their united cry, they poured forth their prayer to the Lord three days before the exhibition. Immediately after their prayer her pains came upon her, and when, with the difficulty natural to an eight months' delivery, in the labour of bringing forth she was sorrowing, some one of the servants of the Cataractarii said to her, "You who are in such suffering now, what will you do when you are thrown to the beasts, which you despised when you refused to sacrifice?" And she replied, "Now it is I that suffer what I suffer; but then there will be another in me, who will suffer for me, because I also am about to suffer for Him." Thus she brought forth a little girl, which a certain sister brought up as her daughter.
I know the language is a little difficult, but basically Felicitas was captured and martyred in 203 A.D. for refusing to sacrifice to the gods. She gave birth to her daughter and almost immediately went to her death for her faith in the One True God. Her daughter grew up knowing how important that faith was to her mother.

This is my prayer for my children. That they will grow up knowing that their mother loves them and that she loves God more than her own life. What I want to do with this blog is to support and encourage women through all times in their life, so that they might be able to leave a legacy for their children and "neighbors" like Felicitas left for her daughter.


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